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Advertisements is used for many different tasks and people. It is known to be used for business, for education, for sales, for training and for HR. Here we will look at look at each section offers to others.


A business can use to get their messages across to new consumers. has a large usage of internal and external communication. When a business uses they can get their message to their chosen audience quickly and efficiently. You can share your information easily with your employees even if your not in the same country. Instead of just sending your slides to your employer or employees you can talk them through each slide just like a live presentation but you can perfect it and make sure it is to the best of your ability. When using emails your message can be taken up wrong, and if using the likes of Skype or video conferencing the connection may be corrupted and freeze so you can not get your message across to your team and motivate them to their fullest potential. By using you can get your message across clearly and precise. All you have to do is upload your slides, explain your message and post it to your chosen audience. This helps the business communicate clearly and efficiently.


Sales teams can use as a new advantage and new technology to help them communicate internally and externally. They can plan who they are targeting their message and to. Your targeted audience can watch your as many times as they want and when suits them to watch it. This is helping your consumers and showing them that you want to help them and make it easier for them. can be used on most search engines which allows your targeted audience watch your in an easy way. is easy for a sales team as they are use to presentations and it allows the sales team perfect their presentation that they will show to future investors or consumers. A sales team can use as a type of external communication as they sometimes face-to-face meetings are not possible so they use to as a means of communication. They can also use as a way of  introducing a new product to the team or employer but do not want to give their full idea yet and they just give them a taster of what is yet to come. can be used internally also, can be used as a form of training for other employees. Instead of using a press release a team can make a to make it different and new to investors and experts in the industry. As you can see can help the sales team a lot when pitching new ideas.


Training can be used anywhere around the world. If you are in one country and your employee who needs to be trained in is in a different country you can use to train them by organising certain slides to help the training process. A business can use after a live training session as the trainer can upload slides and them speaking over the slides to offer a recap on the training session. This means that employees can always be retrained easily as the slides are set up and easily accessible.


HR need to be constantly upgrading their recruitment and selection process. The can use a creative way of recruiting new employees by using If the business sends a to a recruitment firm new employees may be attracted to this was of recruitment as they can see the business is well educated in new technology. Instead of just using a normal CV like many other applicants a future job seeker may use as another source for a CV as it is different and will make them stand out compare to other applicants. By using you may get the job before another applicant using a plain CV. can be downloaded for free but obviously has many restrictions. Prices range from $16 a month to $15K a year. People who use can range from a CEO of a company to a Sales trainer to a product pitch to an informative class lesson or to a simple happy birthday to a loved one away from home.

I think is a useful tool to use in a business, but after doing a myself for a past assignment I found that it can take you a lot longer than just doing a regular presentation as you have time to perfect every little detail of you presentation.