PB works

PB works is known as online collaboration. It is useful for team projects in the business, personal life and throughout your education. I used PB works to collaborate my ideas with my teams ideas when we have a team assignment due in for college. It allows us discuss different topics when were not together. I think this is a good use of technology for college. As i said it also used in the business world and here we will look at how businesses use PB works throughout their workplace. 


The business can interact with their customers, teams, employees and other people on PB works. They can orgainise team meetings about products or important issues. Nothing ever gets lost through PB works, its easy to use and gives you  detailed and helpful information when needed, PB works can be used anywhere, you can access it from your computer, tablet or mobile. You can interact with consumers, investors and target your markets by allowing them join your PB works space. 

Agency Hub:

Agency hub is for different agencies to interact with each other or other teams or clients. There are many different things you can do through this like; schedule meetings, collect feedback and share information with clients or employees. Clients will be more informed and therefore will stay loyal to you. This can help agencies as they can stay interactive with employees as well as clients and other teams that may use PB works. 

Legal Hub:

PB works can allow legal or law firms get closer to their clients, this can boost billable hours also. Law firms trust PB works as they have good security and privacy tools. PB works can also offer good and solid information to their clients. Pb works work with many different law firms, focusing largely on solo attorney’s. 


PB works has helped students, parents and teachers. Many students use it when they are working in a team situation as they can talk to the other in their team and discuss their ideas for the assignment or arrange meetings between each other. PB works can encourage student-centered learning and allows many students have their own site on PB works. PB works provides useful information for students including book lists, articles and many other future resources. Students can share different information between each other with PB works which can help them. PB works encourages collaboration and interactive learning. 

Many different businesses use PB works such as; Non-profits orgainsation’s such as Kiva.org, Medical users such as UCSF Medical Center, professional services such as CBE Technologies, General Business such as RMC Vanguard Mortgage, Law firms such as Law Technology News, agencies such as Landor Associates/The B to D Group and Education such as IADT. 

I think that PB works is a really useful site to use as many different people can use it. It shows that businesses and education can use it but can also help each other by  collaborating with each other. 

PB works

Who uses PB works


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