Google Apps

Google Apps are used for people running their own businesses, although it can be used for personal use also. It has great security for business people as you control your own information, all your data is backed up and all your data belongs to you. You decide who you want to share your information with. This is good as you do not have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands. You can always stay connected when using Google Apps, as you can sign into your email and documents and calendar. By having this function it means that all employees can be productive from anywhere around the world. When a business uses Google Apps is saves a lot of time and is more efficient  as you can upload any document you wish to the “cloud” in real time so employees, partners and shareholders can see it straight away by using real time, no need for emails being sent back and forth.

As I said Google Apps are more efficient as your calendar can tell you when and what days you are free and allows you manage your budgeting, invoicing and scheduling.  Google Apps is only £3.30 a month and that allows you and your employees access to new software and security updates. Google Apps  reduces your companies expenses as well as their environmental impact.

Businesses using Google Apps (Cloud) are such businesses like; Bradford & Barthel, LLP, HSR, Delta Hotels, YogaWorks, Cinram and Diversey. Each one of the reviews from these companies were positive, increased happiness throughout their workplace, increased productivity, reducing IT costs, efficient and effective mobility and a high level of security. These are just few of the many benefits of Google Apps.

Through my findings the Demographics of google apps are as follows;

Google Apps Users:

  • Seniority: Senior – 26%, Entry – 18%, Manager – 16%, Owner – 13%, Director – 8%, CXO – 5%
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area – 4%, Greater New York City Area – 3%, Paris Area (France) – 3%, London (UK) – 3%, Greater Atlanta Area – 2%, Sydney Area (Australia) – 2%
  • Function: Information Technology – 14%, Consulting – 10%, Entrepreneurship – 9%, Sales – 8%, Engineering – 6%, Program and Project Management – 5%

Google Apps:

  • Seniority: Senior – 26%, Manager – 17%, Entry – 17%, Owner – 12%, Director – 8%, CXO – 5%
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area – 6%, Paris Area (France) – 3%, Greater New York City Area – 3%, London (UK) – 2%, Ireland – 2%, Sydney Area (Australia) – 2%
  • Function: Information Technology – 12%, Sales – 11%, Consulting – 10%, Entrepreneurship – 9%, Engineering 7%, Program and Project Management – 6%

Google Apps (Cloud) ranks number 8 in the top 10 cloud platform companies. Although there are many different sections throughout the ranking Google only scored on the top 10 cloud platform companies. There are other categories such as cloud infrastructure, cloud foundation, network services and cloud security to name but a few.

I think this is a good App for businesses as it is cheap and very efficient for the business. Although they are still growing in their rankings, I think they will eventually rank higher in the ratings.

Google Apps




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